James Caan

Born:  March 26, 1940, The Bronx, New York


1963:  Irma La Douce

1964:  Lady In A Cage

1965:  The Glory Guys, Red Line 7000

1967:  Countdown, Games, El Dorado

1968:  Submarine X-1, Journey To Shiloh

1969:  The Rain People

1970:  Rabbit Run

1971:  A Date With  A Lonely Girl

1972:  The Godfather

1973:  Slither, Cinderella Liberty

1974:  The Gambler, Freebie and the Bean, The Godfather Part II, Gone With The West

1975:  Funny Lady, Rollerball, The Killer Elite

1976:  Silent Movie, Harry and Walter Go To New York

1977:  A Bridge Too Far, Another Man Another Woman

1978:  Comes A Horseman

1979:  1941, Chapter Two

1980:  Hide In Plain Sight

1981:  Thief, Bolero

1982:  Kiss Me Goodbye

1987:  Gardens of Stone

1988:  Alien Nation

1990:  Dick Tracy, Misery

1991:  The Man With Three Arms, For The Boys

1992:  Honeymoon In Vegas

1993:  The Program, Flesh and Bone

1995:  A Boy Called Hate

1996:  North Star, Bottle Rocket, Eraser, Bulletproof

1998:  This Is My Father

1999:  Mickey Blue Eyes

2000:  The Yards, Luckytown, The Way of the Gun

2001:  Viva Las Nowhere, In The Shadows, Night at the Golden Eagle

2002:  City of Ghosts

2003:  Dogville, This Thing Of Ours, Jericho Mansions, Elf

2005:  Santa’s Slay

2008:  Get Smart, New York I Love You

2009:  Middle Men, Mercy, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

2010:  Henry’s Crime

2011:  Detachment

2012:  Small Apartments, That’s My Boy, for The Love of Money

2013:  Blood Ties, Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs 2, The TAle of the Princess Kaguya

2014:  A Fighting Man, Preggoland, The Outsider

2015:  The Throwaways, Sicilian Vampire

2016:  The Good Neighbor, Good Enough, JL Ranch, The Red Maple Leaf

2017:  Holy Lands, Undercover Grandpa

2018:  Con Man, Out of blue

2020:  JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift

2021:  Queen Bees


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor, The Godfather (1972)

Golden Globe Award Nominations:  Most Promising Newcomer-Male, The Glory Guys (1965); Best Supporting Actor, The Godfather (1972); Best Actor-Drama, The Gambler (1974); Best Actor-Musical/Comedy, Funny Lady (1975)


Photo by Unknown