Jackie Cooper

Born:  September 15, 1922, Los Angeles, California

Died:  May 3, 2011, Santa Monica, California


1929:  Fox Movietone Follies of 1929, Sunnyside Up

1931:  SkippyYoung Donovan’s Kid, The Champ, Sooky

1932:  When A Feller Needs a Friend, Divorce In The Family

1933:  Broadway To Hollywood, The Bowery, Lone Cowboy

1934:  Treasure Island, Peck’s Bad Boy

1935:  Dinky, O’Shaughnessy’s Boy

1936:  Tough Guy, The Devil Is A Sissy

1937:  Boy of the Streets

1938:  White Banners, That Certain Age, Gangster’s Boy, Newsboys’ Home

1939:  Scouts To The Rescue, The Spirit of Culver, Streets of New York, Two Bright Boys, What a Life, The Big Guy

1940:  Seventeen, The Return of Frank James, Life With Henry, Gallant Sons

1941:  Ziegfeld Girl, Her First Beau, Glamour Boy

1942:  Syncopation, Men of Texas, The Navy Comes Through

1943:  Where Are Your Children

1947:  Stork Bites Man, Kilroy Was Here

1948:  French Leave

1961:  Everything’s Ducky

1971:  The Love Machine

1972:  Stand Up and Counted

1974:  Chosen Survivors

1975:  Journey Into Fear

1978:  Superman

1980:  Superman II

1983:  Superman III

1987:  Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Surrender


Academy Award Nomination:  Best Actor, Skippy (1930/31)