Jack Palance

Born:  February 18, 1919, Lattimer Mines, Pennsylvania

Died:  November 10, 2006, Montecito, California


1949:  Hands of Mystery

1950:  Panic In The Streets

1951:  Halls of Montezuma

1952:  Sudden Fear

1953:  Shane, Second Chance, Arrowhead, Flight to Tangier, Man In The Attic

1954:  Sign of the Pagan, The Silver Chalice

1955:  The Big Knife, Kiss of Fire, I Died A Thousand Times

1956:  Attack

1957:  The Lonely Man, House of Numbers

1958:  The Man Inside

1959:  Ten Seconds to Hell, A Mexican Affair

1960:  The Battle of Austerlitz, Revak The Rebel

1961:  Sword of the Conqueror, The Mongols, The Last Judgment, Barabbas

1962:  Night Train To Milan, La Guerra Continua

1963:  Contempt

1965:  Once A Thief

1966:  The Professionals

1967:  The Spy In The Green Hat, Torture Garden, Kill A Dragon

1968:  Madigan’s Million, They Came To Rob Las Vegas, The Mercenary

1969:  The Desperados, The Fall of the Giants, Justine and Juliet, Che!, Battle of the Commandos

1970:  The McMasters…Tougher Than The West Itself!, Monte Walsh, Companeros

1971:  The Horseman

1972:  It Can Be Done Amigo, Chato’s Land, Father Jackleg, And So Ends

1973:  Blu Gang e Vissero Per Sempre Felici e Ammazzati, Oklahoma Crude

1974:  Craze

1975:  The Four Deuces, The Great Adventure, Africa Express, The Sensuous Nurse

1976:  God’s Gun, The Cop In Blue Jeans, Black Cobra Woman, Safari Express, Rulers of the City, Blood and Bullets

1977: Welcome To Blood City

1978:  The One Man Jury

1979:  Angels’ Brigade, The Shape of Things To Come, Portrait of a Hitman, Cocaine Cowboy

1980:  Without Warning, Hawk the Slayer

1982:  Alone In The Dark

1987:  Gor, Bagdad Cafe

1988:  Young Guns, Gor II

1989:  Batman, Tango & Cash

1990:  Solar Crisis

1991:  City Slickers

1992:  Eli’s Lesson

1994:  Cops and Robbersons, City Slickers: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, The Swan Princess

1998:  The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo On His Journeys to the Ends of the Earth

1999:  Treasure Island


Academy Award:  Best Supporting Actor, City Slickers (1991)
Nominations:  Best Supporting Actor, Sudden Fear (1952); Shane (1953)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Supporting Actor, City Slickers (1991)


Photo by James Vaughan