Jack Kruschen

Born:  March 20, 1922, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


1949:  Red Hot and blue

1950:  Women From Headquarters, No Way Out, Where Danger Lives, Gambling House

1951:  Cuban Fireball, The Lemon Drop Kid, Comin’ Round the Mountain, The People Against O’Hara

1952:  Shadow In The Sky, Meet Danny Wilson, Confidence Girl, Just Across The Street, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, Tropical Heat Wave

1953:  The War of the Worlds, Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, Ma And Pa Kettle On Vacation, Fast Company, A Blueprint For Murder, Money From Home

1954:  The Great Diamond Robbery, It Should Happen To You, The Long Long Trailer, Tennessee Champ, Untamed Heiress

1955:  Prince of Players, Carolina Cannonball, Dial Red O, Soldier of Fortune, The Night Holds Terror

1956:  The Benny Goodman Story, The Steel Jungle, Outside The Law, Julie

1957:  Badlands of Montana, Reform School Girl, Hear Me Good

1958:  Cry Terror!, Fraulein, The Decks Ran Red, The Buccaneer

1959:  The Man Who Understood Women, The Jayhawkers!, Beloved Infidel, The Angry Red Planet, The Gazebo

1960:  The Last Voyage, The Apartment (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), The Bellboy, Studs Lonigan, Seven Ways From Sundown, Where The Boys Are

1961:  The Ladies Man, Lover Come Back

1962:  Follow That Dream, Cape Fear, Convicts 4

1963:  McLintock!

1964:  The Unsinkable Molly Brown

1965:  Dear Brigitte, Harlow

1967:  The Happening, Caprice

1971:  The Million Dollar Duck

1974:  Freebie and the Bean

1976:  Guardian of the Wilderness

1977:  Satan’s Cheerleaders

1979:  Sunburn

1981:  Under The Rainbow, Legend of the Wild

1983:  Money To Burn

1990:  Penny Ante: The Motion Picture

1997:  ‘Til There Was You


Died:  April 2, 2002, Chandler, Arizona.