My Old Addiction

Isabelle Huppert

Cannes Film Festival 2009: Jury Presentation PhotocallBorn:  March 16, 1953, Paris, France


1972:   Faustine Et Le Bel Ete, The Bar At the Crossing, Cesar and Rosalie

1974:  Successive Slidings of Pleasure, Les Valseuses, L’Ampelopede

1975:  Serious As Pleasure, The Common Man, Rosebud, Aloise, The Big Delirium

1976:  Docteur Francoise Gailland, The Judge and the Assassin, Le Petit Marcel, I Pierre Riviere

1977:  The Lacemaker, Spoiled Children, The Indians Are Still Far Away

1978:  Violette Noziere

1979:  Return to the Beloved, Les Soeurs Bronte

1980:  Slow Motion, Orokseg, Loulou, Heaven’s Gate

1981:  Lady of the Camelias, Les Ailes de la Colombe, Coup de Torchon, Eaux Profondes

1982:  Godard’s Passion, La Truite

1983:  The Story of Piera, Entre Nous, My Best Friend’s Girl

1984:  La Garce

1985:  Sincerely Charlotte, Sac de Noeuds

1986:  Cactus

1987:  The Bedroom Window

1988:  Les Possedes, The Story of Women, Milan Noir

1989:  Migrations

1990:  La Vengeance d’une Femme

1991:  Malina, Madame Bovary

1992:  Love After Love

1993:  Navodneniye

1994:  Amateur, La Separation

1995:  La Ceremonie

1996:  Elective Affinities

1997:  Les Palmes De M. Schutz, The Swindle

1998:  The School of Flesh

1999:  Pas De Scandale

2000:  La Vie Moderne, La Fausse Suivante, The King’s Daughters, Les Destinees, Nightcap, Comedy of Innocence

2001:  The Piano Teacher

2002:  8 Women, Two, Ghost River

2003:  Time of the Wolf

2004:  Ma Mere, I Heart Huckabees, Me And My Sister

2005:  Gabrielle

2006:  Comedy of Power, Private Property

2007:  Medea Miracle, Hidden Love

2008:  Home, The Sea Wall

2009:  Villa Amalia, White Material

2010:  Copacabana, Special Treatment

2011:  My Little Princess, My Worst Nightmare

2012:  Dubai Flamingo, Captive, Amour, In Another Country, Dormant Beauty, Lines of Wellington

2013:  The Nun, The Scapegoat, Dead Man Down, Tip Top, Abuse of Weakness, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

2014:  Paris Follies

2015:  Macadam Stories, Louder Than Bombs, Valley of Love

2016:  Things To Come, Elle (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), Tout de Suite Maintenant, Souvenir

2017:  Barrage, Claire’s Camera, Happy End, Madame Hyde, Reinventing Marvin

2018:  Eva, Greta

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