Ian Bannen

Born:  June 29, 1928, Airdrie, Scotland.


1951:  Pool of London

1955:  The Dark Avenger

1956:  Private’s Progress, The Long Arm

1957:  Yangtse Incident: The Story of HMS Amethyst, Miracle In Soho, The Birthday Present

1958:  A Tale of Two Cities, She Didn’t Say No!, Behind the Mask

1959:  Carlton-Browne Of The F.O.

1960:  A French Mistress, Suspect

1961:  The World In My Pocket, Station Six-Sahara

1964:  Psyche 59

1965:  Mister Moses, The Hill, Rotten To The Core, The Flight of the Phoenix  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1966:  Penelope

1967:  The Sailor From Gibraltar

1969:  Lock Up Your Daughters!

1970:  Too Late the Hero

1971:  The Devil’s Backbone, Fright

1972:  Doomwatch

1973:  The Offence, The MacKintosh Man

1974:  From Beyond the Grave, The Journey, The Driver’s Seat

1975:  Bite The Bullet

1977:  Sweeney!

1978:  The Inglorious Bastards

1979:  Ring Of Darkness

1980:  The Watcher in the Woods

1981:  Eye of the Needle

1982:  Night Crossing, Gandhi

1983:  The Prodigal, Gorky Park

1985:  Lamb

1986:  Defence of the Realm

1987:  Hope and Glory

1988:  The Gamble, The Courier

1989:  Superstition 2, George’s Island, Circles in a Forest

1990:  Ghost DadThe Big Man

1991:  Speaking of the Devil

1992:  Damage

1994:  A Pin For The Butterfly

1995:  Braveheart

1998:  Something To Believe In, Waking Ned Devine

1999:  To Walk With Lions

2000: Best, Taliesin Jones


Died:  November 3, 1999, Knockies Straight, Scotland.