Harry Shearer

Born:  December 23, 1943, Los Angeles, California


1953:  Abbott And Costello Go To Mars, The Robe

1954:  The Egyptian

1975:  Jaws

1977:  Cracking Up, Prime Time

1978:  Coming Attractions

1979:  Real Life, The Concorde…Airport ’79, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

1980:  Animalympics, One-Trick Pony

1983:  Flicks, The Right Stuff

1984:  This Is Spinal Tap

1987:  Plain Clothes

1988:  Portrait of a White Marriage, My Stepmother Is An Alien

1989:  Happily Ever After

1991:  Blood And Concrete, Oscar, Pure Luck, The Fisher King

1992:  FernGully: The Last Rainforest, A League Of Their Own, Tom and Jerry: the Movie

1993:  Wayne’s World 2

1994:  I’ll Do Anything, Thumbelina, Little Giants, Speechless

1995:  Casper

1997:  My Best Friend’s Wedding

1998:  Godzilla, Almost Heroes, The Truman Show, Small Soldiers

1999:  EdTV, Dick

2001:  Haiku Tunnel, Teddy Bears’ Picnic

2003:  A Mighty Wind

2004:  Shark Tale, The Incredibles

2005:  Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, Chicken Little

2006:  The Wild, For Your Consideration

2007:  The Simpsons Movie

2008:  The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie

2009:  Archie’s Final Project, Up, Astro Boy

2011:  Flood Streets, Nine Lives: A Musical Adaptation Live

2012:  Wreck-It Ralph

2015:  Inside Out, Love & Taxes

2016:  Mascots

2017:  Father Figures

2018:  Ralph Breaks The Internet

2019:  Easy Does It


Photo by Derek Bridges