Harry Lennix

Born:  November 16, 1964, Chicago, Illinois


1983:  Bad Boys

1989:  The Package

1991:  The Five Heartbeats, Victimless Crimes

1992:  Mo’ Money, Bob Roberts

1994:  Guarding Tess

1995:  Clockers, Comfortably Numb

1996:  Get On The Bus

1997:  Chicago Cab

1999:  The Unspoken, Titus

2000:  Love & Basketball, The Artist’s Journey: Funk Blast

2001:  Home Invaders

2002:  Pumpkin, Collateral Damage, Don’t Explain, Never Get Outta The Boat

2003:  The Matrix Reloaded, The Human Stain, The Matrix Revolutions

2004:  Chrystal, Barbershop 2: Back In Business, Suspect Zero, Ray

2006:  Sharif Don’t Like It

2007:  Stomp The Yard, Resurrecting The Champ, Across The Universe

2008:  Fly Like Mercury

2009:  State of Play

2012:  The Last Fall, H4, A Beautiful Soul

2013:  Evidence, Man of Steel, Sunny and RayRay, They Die By Dawn

2014:  Cruel Will, Cru, Stand Down Soldier, The Algerian

2015:  72 Hours, Back To School Mom, Chi-Raq

2016:  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Macbeth Unhinged, Timeless, For The Love of Christmas, Retribution, Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission

2017:  Needlestick, Romeo and Juliet In Harlem

2018:  Rehabilitation Of The Hill, Canal Street, Revival

2020:  Emperor, Troubled Waters

2021:  Zack Snyder’s Justice League


Screen Actors Guild Award Nomination:  Outstanding Motion Picture Cast, Ray (2004)


Photo by Gage Skidmore