Harry Carey

Born:  January 16, 1878, The Bronx, New York.


1910:  Gentleman Joe

1914:  Judith of Bethulia, The Master Cracksman, McVeagh of the South Seas

1915:  Just Jim, Judge NOt Or The Woman of Mona Diggings, Graft

1916:  Secret Love, A Knight of the Range, The Three Godfathers, Love’s Lariat, Behind The Lines

1917:  The Fighting Gringo, Straight Shooting, The Secert Man, A Marked Man, Bucking Broadway

1918:  The Phantom Riders, Wild Women, Thieves’ Gold, The Scarlet Drop, Hell Bent, A Woman’s Fool, Three Mounted Men

1919:  Roped, A Fight For Love, Bare Fists, Riders of Vengeance, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, Ace of the Saddle, Rider of the Law, A Gun Fightin’ Gentleman, Marked Man

1920:  Overland Red, Bullet Proof, Human Stuff, Blue Streak McCoy, Sundown Slim, West Is West, If Only Jim

1921:  Hearts Up, The Freeze-Out, The Wallop, Desperate Trails, The Fox

1922:  Man to man, The Kickback, Good Men and True

1923:  Canyon of the Fools, Crashin’ Thru, Desert Driven, The Miracle Baby

1924:  The Night Hawk, The Lightning Rider, Tiger Thompson, Roaring Rails, The Flaming Forties, The Man From Texas

1925:  Soft Shoes, Beyond the Border, Silent Sanderson, The Texas Trail, The Bad Lands, The Prairie Pirate, The Man From Red Gulch

1926:  Driftin’ Thru, The Seventh Bandit, The Frontier Trail, Satan Town

1927:  A Little Journey, Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, Slide Kelly Slide

1928:  The Trail of 98, Burning Bridges, The Border Patrol

1931:  Trader Horn, The Vanishing Legion, Bad Company, Cavalier of the West

1932:  Without Honours, Law and Order, Border Devils, The Last of the Mohicans, The Night Rider, The Devil Horse

1933:  The Thundering Herd, Sunset Pass, Man of the Forest

1935:  Wagon Trail, Rustler’s Paradise, Powdersmoke Range, Barbary Coast, Wild Mustang, The Last of the Clintons

1936:  The Prisoner of Shark Island, Ghost Town, Sutter’s Gold, Little Miss Nobody, The Last Outlaw, Aces Wild, Valiant Is The Word For Carrie, The Accusing Finger

1937:  Racing Lady, Kid Galahad, Border Cafe, Born Reckless, Souls At Sea, Annapolis Salute, Danger Patrol

1938:  Port of Missing Girls, You and Me, Sky Giant, Gateway, King of Alcatraz, The Law West of Tombstone

1939:  Burn Em Up O’Connor, Code of the Streets, Street of Missing Men, Inside Information, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), My Son Is Guilty

1940:  Outside The Three Mile Limit, Beyond Tomorrow, They Knew What They Wanted

1941:  The Shepherd of the Hills, Parachute Battalion, Sundown, Among The Living

1942:  The Spoilers

1943:  Air Force, Happy Land

1944:  The Great Moment

1945:  China’s Little Devils

1946:  Duel In The Sun

1947:  Angel and the Badman, The Sea of Grass

1948:  Red River, So Dear To My Heart


Died:  September 21, 1947, Brentwood, California.