Graham Stark

Born:  January 20, 1922, Wallasey, England

Died:  October 29, 2013, London, England


1939:  The Spy In Black

1951:  Ca C’est Du Cinema

1952:  The Hundred Hour Hunt, Down Among The Z Men

1953:  Top Of the Form, Forces’ Sweetheart, Flannelfoot

1954:  Johnny On The Spot, The Sea Shall Not Have Them

1955:  One Good Turn

1956:  They Never Learn

1960:  Sink The Bismarck!, Inn For Trouble, The Millionairess

1961:  A Weekend With Lulu, Double Bunk, Dentist On The Job, Watch It Sailor, Operation Snafu

1962:  Only Two Can Play, Village of Daughters, Operation Snatch, A Pair of Briefs, Maid For Murder

1963:  The Wrong Arm of the Law, The Mouse on the Moon, Sword of Lancelot, Ladies Who Do

1964:  Go Kart Go, Becket, Strictly For The Birds, A Shot In The Dark, Guns At Batasi

1965:  Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Or How I Flew From London To Paris In 25 Hours 11 Minutes, San Ferry Ann, You Must Be Joking

1966:  Alfie, The Wrong Box, Runaway Railway, Finders Keepers

1967:  Casino Royale, Those Fantastic Flying Fools, The Plank

1968:  A Ghost of A Chance, Salt and Pepper

1969:  The Magic Christian, The Picasso Summer

1970:  Start The Revolution Without Me, A Day At the Beach, Doctor in Trouble, Scramble

1971:  The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins

1972:  Hide and Seek

1973:  Not Now Darling, Naughty Wives

1974:  Where’s Johnny?

1975:  The Return Of the Pink Panther

1976:  I’m Not Feeling Myself Tonight, Pure As A Lily, The Pink Panther Strikes Again

1977:  Fiona, Gulliver’s Travels, Crossed Swords

1978:  Let’s Get Laid, What’s Up Nurse, Revenge of the Pink Panther

1979:  The Prisoner of Zenda

1980:  The Sea Wolves, There Goes The Bride, Hawk The Slayer

1982:  Victor/Victoria, Trail of the Pink Panther

1983:  Superman III, Curse of the Pink Panther

1984:  Bloodbath at the House of Death

1987:  Blind Date, Jane and the Lost City

1993:  Son of the Pink Panther

1998:  The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo