Graham Greene

Born:  June 22, 1952, Six Nations Reserve, Ontario.


1976:  iBei Shao Lin

1983:  Running Brave

1985:  Revolution

1989:  Powwow Highway, Where The Spirit Lives

1990:  Dances With Wolves  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1991:  Clearcut

1992:  Thunderheart, Rain Without Thunder

1993:  Benefit of the Doubt

1994:  Huck and the King of Hearts, Maverick, North, Savage Land, Camilla

1995:  Die Hard With A Vengeance

1996:  Sabotage

1997:  Dead Innocent, Wounded, The Education of Little Tree, Song of Hiawatha

1998:  Shattered Image, Heart fo the Sun, The Herd, The Proteus Chronicles

1999:  Misery Harbour, Touched, Grey Owl, Bad Money, The Green Mile

2000:  Desire

2001:  Lost And Delirious, Christmas In The Clouds

2002:  Skins, Snow Dogs, Punch & Judy, Duct Tape Forever

2004: Phil the Alien

2005:  Transamerica

2006:  When I Find The Ocean, A Lobster Tale

2007:  All Hat, Just Buried, Breakfast With Scot

2009:  The Twilight Saga: New Moon

2010:  Gunless, Willatuk: The Legend of Seattle’s Sea Serpent, Casino Jack, The Legend of Secret Pass

2011:  Valley of the Sun, Running Mates, Man on the Train

2012:  Seattle’s Loch Ness: The Lake Washington Sea Monster, The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn – Part 2

2013:  From Above, Maina, The Bird Men

2014:  A Winter’s Tale, Corner Gas: The Movie, As You Like It

2015:  Unnatural

2016:  Out of the Darkness, Te Alta

2017:  Wind River, The Shack, Molly’s Game