Glynis Johns

Born:  October 5, 1923, Pretoria, South Africa.


1938:  South Riding, Murder In The Family, Prison Without Bars

1939:  The Fugitive

1940:  Under Your Hat, The Briggs Family, The Thief of Bagdad

1941:  The Prime Minister, 49th Parallel

1943:  The Adventures of Tartu

1944:  The Halfway House

1945:  Vacation From Marriage

1946:  This Man Is Mine

1947:  Frieda, An Ideal Husband

1948:  Miranda

1949:  Third Time Lucky, Helter Skelter, Dear Mr. Prohack

1950:  The Great Manhunt

1951:  Flesh and Blood, No Highway In The Sky, Island Rescue, Encore, The Magic Box

1952:  The Promoter

1953:  The Sword and the Rose, Personal Affair, Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue

1954:  Young and Willing, Land of Fury, The Beachcomber, Mad About Men

1955:  Josephine and Men, The Court Jester

1956:  Loser Takes All, Around The World In Eighty Days

1957:  All Mine To Give

1958:  Another Time Another Place

1959:  Shake Hands With The Devil

1960:  The Spider’s Web, The Sundowners  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1962:  The Cabinet of Caligari, The Chapman Report

1963:   Papa’s Delicate Condition

1964:  Mary Poppins

1965:  Dear Brigitte

1968:  Don’t Just Stand There

1969:  Lock Up Your Daughters!

1972:  Under Milk Wood

1973:  The Vault of Horror

1977:  Three Dangerous Ladies

1987:  Nukie

1988:  Zelly and Me

1994:  The Ref

1995:  While You Were Sleeping

1999:  Superstar