Gloria Swanson

Born:  March 27, 1899, Chicago, Illinois.


1918:  Society for Sale, Her Decision, Station Content, You Can’t Believe Everything, Everywoman’s Husband, Shifting Sands, The Secret Code

1919:  Don’t Change Your Husband, For Better For Worse, Male And Female

1920:  Why Change Your Wife, Something To Think About

1921:  The Great Moment, The Affairs of Anatol, Under The Lash, Don’t Tell Everything

1922:  Her Husband’s Trademark, Her Gilded Cage, Beyond The Rocks, The Impossible Mrs. Bellew, My American Wife

1923:  Prodigal Daughters, Bluebeard’s 8th Wife, Zaza

1924:  The Humming Bird, A Society Scandal, Manhandled, Her Love Story, Wages of Virtue

1925:  Madame Sans-Gene, The Coast of Folly, Stage Struck

1926:  The Untamed Lady, Fine Manners

1927:  The Love of Sunya

1928:  Sadie Thompson  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1929:  Queen Kelly, The Trespasser  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1930:  What a Widow!

1931:  Indiscreet, Tonight or Never

1933:  Perfect Understanding

1934:  Music In the Air

1941:  Father Takes a Wife

1950:  Sunset Boulevard  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1952:  Three For Bedroom C

1956:  Nero’s Mistress

1974:  Airport 1975


Died:  April 4, 1983, New York City, New York.