Gloria Stuart

Born:  July 4, 1910, Santa Monica, California.


1932:  The Cohens and Kellys In Hollywood, Street of Women, Back Street, Sport of a Nation, The Old Dark House, Air Mail

1933:  Laughter In Hell, Sweepings, Private Jones, The Kiss Before the Mirror, The Girl in 419, It’s Great To Be Alive, Secret of the Blue Room, The Invisible Man, Roman Scandals

1934:  Beloved, I Like It That Way, I’ll Tell The World, The Love Captive, Here Comes The Navy, Gift of Gab

1935:  Maybe It’s Love, Gold Diggers of 1935, Laddie, Professional Soldier

1936:  The Prisoner of Shark Island, Poor Little Rich Girl, The Crime of Dr. Forbes, 36 Hours to Kill, The Girl On the Front Page, Wanted! Jane Turner

1937:  Girl Overboard, The Lady Escapes, The Joy Parade

1938:  Change of Heart, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Island In The Sky, Keep Smiling, Time Out For Murder, The Lady Objects

1939:  The Three Musketeers, Winner Take All, It Could Happen To You

1943:   Here Comes Elmer

1944:  The Whistler, Enemy of Women

1946:  She Wrote the Book

1982:  My Favourite Year

1984:  Mass Appeal

1986:  Wildcats

1997:  Titanic (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1999:  The Love Letter

2000:  The Million Dollar Hotel

2004:  Land of Plenty


Died:  September 26, 2010, Los Angeles, California.