Gloria Grahame

Born:  November 28, 1923, Los Angeles, California.


1944:  Blonde Fever

1945:  Without Love

1946:  It’s A Wonderful Life

1947:  It Happened In Brooklyn, Crossfire  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Song of the Thin Man, Merton of the Movies

1949:  A Woman’s Secret, Roughshod

1950:  In A Lonely Place

1952:  The Greatest Show On Earth, Macao, Sudden Fear, The Bad and the Beautiful  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress)

1953:  The Glass Wall, Man on a Tightrope, The Big Heat, Prisoners of the Casbah

1954:  The Good Die Young, Human Desire, Naked Alibi

1955:  The Cobweb, Not A Stranger, Oklahoma!

1956:  The Man Who Never Was

1957:  Ride Out For Revenge

1959:  Odds Against Tomorrow

1966:  Ride Beyond Vengeance

1971:  Blood and Lace, The Todd Killings, Chandler

1972:  The Loners

1973:  The Magician

1974:  Mama’s Dirty Girls

1976:  Mansion of the Doomed

1979:  A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, Chilly Scenes of Winter

1980:  Melvin and Howard

1981:  The Nesting


Died:  October 5, 1981, New York City, New York.