Gladys Cooper

Born:  December 18, 1888, Lewisham, England.


1917:  The Sorrows of Satan, Masks and Faces, My Lady’s Dress

1920:  Unmarried

1921:  Headin’ North

1922:  The Bohemian Girl

1923:  Bonnie Prince Charlie

1934:  The Iron Duke

1940:  Rebecca, Kitty Foyle

1941:  That Hamilton Woman, The Black Cat, A Yank In The R.A.F., The Gay Falcon

1942:  This Above All, Eagle Squadron, Now Voyager  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1943:  Forever And A Day, Mr. Lucky, Princess O’Rourke, The Song of Bernadette  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1944:  The White Cliffs of Dover, Mrs. Parkington

1945:  The Valley of Decision, Love Letters

1946:  The Green Years, Beware of Pity, The Cockeyed Miracle

1947:  Green Dolphin Street, The Bishop’s Wife

1948:  Homecoming, The Pirate

1949:  The Secret Garden, Madame Bovary

1951:  Thunder On The Hill

1952:  At Sword’s Point

1955:  The Man Who Loved Redheads

1958:  Separate Tables

1963:  The List of Adrian Messenger

1964:  My Fair Lady  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1967: The Happiest Millionaire

1969:  A Nice Girl Like Me


Died:  November 17, 1971, Henley-on-Thames, England.