Geraldine Fitzgerald

Born:  November 24, 1913, Greystones, Ireland.


1934:  Blind Justice, Open All Night

1935:  The Lad, Three Witnesses, Department Store, The Ace of Spades, Turn of the Tide, Lieut Daring RN

1936:  Debt of Honour, Cafe Mascot, The Mill on the Floss

1939:  Wuthering Heights  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Dark Victory, A Child Is Born

1940:  Til We Meet AGain

1941:  Flight From Destiny, Shining Victory

1942:  The Gay Sisters

1943:  Watch On The Rhine

1944:  Ladies Courageous, Wilson

1945:  The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry

1946:  Three Strangers, O.S.S., Nobody Lives Forever

1948:  So Evil My Love

1951:  The Obsessed

1958:  Ten North Frederick

1961:  The Fiercest Heart

1964:  The Pawnbroker

1968:  Rachel Rachel

1973:  The Last American Hero

1974:  Harry and Tonto

1976:  Echoes of a Summer, Diary of the Dead

1977:  The Mango Tree

1978:  Bye Bye Monkey

1981:  Arthur, Lovespell

1982:  Blood Link

1983:  Easy Money

1986:  Poltergeist II: The Other Side

1988:  Arthur 2: On The Rocks


Died:  July 17, 2005, Upper East Side, New York.