Geraldine Chaplin

Born:  July 31, 1944, Santa Monica, California


1952:  Limelight (1952)

1965:  Par Un Beau Matin D’Ete, Doctor Zhivago

1966:  Andremo In Citta

1967:  A Countess From Hong Kong, Casino Royale, J’ai Tue Raspoutine, Stranger In The House, Peppermint Frappe

1968:  Stress Is Three

1969:  La Madriguera

1970:  The Hawaiians, El Jardin de las Delicias

1971:  Perched On a Tree

1972:  A House Without Boundaries, Z.P.G., Innocent Bystanders

1973:  Anna And The Wolves, Jaider’s Gang, The Three Musketeers, Marriage A La Mode

1974:  Sommerfuglene, Y el Projimo, The Four Musketeers

1975:  Nashville

1976:  Cria Cuervos, Buffalo Bill and the Indians or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson, Caught, Welcome To L.A., Noroît

1977:  Elisa My Life, In Memoriam, Roseland

1978:  One Page of Love, Blindfolded Eyes, A Wedding, Remember My Name

1979:  Adoption, Mais Ou Et Donc Ornicar, Mama Cumple 100 Anos, La Viuda de Montiel

1980:  Le Voyage En Douce, The Mirror Crack’d

1981:  Bolero

1983:  La Vie Est Un Roman

1984:  Love On The Ground

1987:  White Mischief

1988:  The Moderns

1989:  The Return of the Musketeers, I Want to Go Home

1990:  The Children, Gentile Alouette

1991:  Buster’s Bedroom

1992:  Off Season, Chaplin

1993:  The Age of Innocence

1994:  Words Upon The Window Pane

1995:  Home For The Holidays, To Hear The Birds Singing

1996:  Jane Eyre, Os Olhos Da Asia, Crimetime

1998:  Cousin Bette, Finisterre Donde Termina El Mundo

1999:  Beresina Or The Last Days of Switzerland, To Walk With Lions

2000:  Tu Que Harias Por Amor

2002:  En La Ciudad Sin Limites, The Faces of the Moon, Talk To Her

2004:  The Bridge of San Luis Rey

2005:  Heidi, The Hidden, BloodRayne, Melissa P

2007:  Miguel Y William, Boxes, Theresa The Body of Christ, The Orphanage, The Totenwackers

2008:  Tell Me About Love, Inconceivable, Parc, Ramirez, Diario de Una Ninfomana

2009:  Imago Mortis, The Island Inside

2010:  The Wolfman, The Making of Plus One, L’Imbroglio Nel Lenzuolo, The Mosquito Net

2011:  There Be Dragons, Para Que Sirve Un Oso, The Monk, Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble, Americano, Memories of My Melancholy Whores

2012:  The Apostle, The Impossible, Un Amor de Pelicula

2013:  Three-60, Another Me, Panzer Chocolate

2014:  Wax, Amapola, Sand Dollars, Valentin Valentin

2015:  The Forbidden Room, Marguerite & Julien, Ich Und Kaminski

2016:  A Monster Calls

2017:  Anchor and Hope, The Broken Key

2018:  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Red Land (Rosso Istria), Camino Sinuoso

2019: Holy Beasts, The Barefoot Emperor, The Rodriguez and the Beyond


Golden Globe Award Nominations:  Most Promising Newcomer-Female, Doctor Zhivago (1965); Best Supporting Actress, Nashville (1975); Chaplin (1992)


Photo by Agencia Brasil