George Clooney

Born:  May 6, 1961, Lexington, Kentucky.



1982:  And They’re Off

1983:  Grizzly II: The Concert

1987:  Return to Horror High

1988:  Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

1992:  The Harvest, Unbecoming Age

1996:  From Dusk Till Dawn, One Fine Day

1997:  Batman & Robin, The Peacemaker

1998:  Out of Sight, The Thin Red Line

1999:  South Park: Bigger Longer And Uncut, Three Kings

2000:  O Brother Where Art Thou, The Perfect Storm

2001:  Spy Kids, Ocean’s Eleven

2002:  Welcome To Collinwood, Solaris, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

2003:  Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, Intolerable Cruelty

2004:  Ocean’s Twelve

2005:  Good Night And Good Luck, Syriana (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

2006:  The Good German

2007:  Ocean’s Thirteen, Michael Clayton (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

2008:  Leatherheads, Burn After Reading

2009:  Up In The Air  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), The Men Who Stare At Goats, Fantastic Mr. Fox

2010:  The American

2011:  The Ides of March, The Descendants (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

2013:  Gravity

2014:  The Monuments Men

2015:  Tomorrowland

2016:  Hail Caesar, Money Monster



2002:  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

2005:  Good Night and Good Luck  (Oscar Nominations: Best Director, Best Screenplay)

2008:  Leatherheads

2011:  The Ides of March  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

2014:  The Monuments Men

2017:  Suburbicon