George Chakiris

Born:  September 16, 1934, Norwood, Ohio.


1947:  Song of Love

1951:  The Great Caruso

1952:  Stars and Stripes Forever

1953:  Call Me Madam, The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Second Chance, Give A Girl A Break

1954:  Brigadoon, White Christmas, The Country Girl, There’s No Business Like Show Business

1955:  The Girl Rush

1956:  Meet Me In Las Vegas

1957:  Under Fire

1961:  West Side Story  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1962:  Two and Two Make Six, Diamond Head

1963:  Kings of the Sun

1964:  Bebo’s Girl, Flight From Ashiya, 633 Squadron

1965:  McGuire Go Home!

1966:  The Mona Lisa Has Been Stolen, Is Paris Burning

1967:  The Young Girls of Rochefort

1968:  The Day The Hot Line Got Hot

1969:  The Big Cube, Sharon Vestida de Rojo

1979:  Why Not Stay For Breakfast

1990:  Pale Blood