George Bancroft

Born:  September 30, 1882, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


1921:  The Journey’s End

1922:  The Prodigal Judge

1923:  Driven

1924:  Teeth, The Deadwood Coach

1925:  Code of the West, The Rainbow Trail, The Pony Express, The Splendid Road

1926:  The Enchanted Hill, Sea Horses, The Runaway, Old Ironsides

1927:  White Gold, Too Many Crooks, Underworld, Tell It To Sweeney, The Rough Riders

1928:  The Showdown, The Dragnet, The Docks of New York

1929:  The Wolf of Wall Street, Thunderbolt (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), The Mighty

1930:  Paramount on Parade, Ladies Love Brutes, Derelict

1931:  Scandal Sheet, Rich Man’s Folly

1932:  World and the Flesh, Lady and Gent

1933:  Blood Money

1934:  Elmer and Elsie

1936:  Hell-Ship Morgan, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, Wedding Present

1937:  A Doctor’s Diary, John Meade’s Woman, Racketeers In Exile

1938:  Submarine Patrol, Angels With Dirty Faces

1939:  Stagecoach, Each Dawn I Die, Espionage Agent, Rulers of the Sea

1940:  Green Hell, Young Tom Edison, When The Daltons Rode, North West Mounted Police, Little Men

1941:  Texas

1942:  The Bugle Sounds, Syncopation, Whistling In Dixie


Died:  October 2, 1956, Santa Monica, California.