Gene Hackman

Born:  January 30, 1930, San Bernardino, California.


1961:  Mad Dog Coll

1964:  Lilith

1966:  Hawaii

1967:  First To Fight, A Covenant With Death, Banning, Bonnie And Clyde  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1968:   The Split

1969:  Riot, The Gypsy Moths, Downhill Racer, Marooned

1970:  I Never Sang For My Father  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1971:  Doctors’ Wives, The Hunting Party, The French Connection  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor)

1972:  Cisco Pike, Prime Cut, The Poseidon Adventure

1973:  Scarecrow

1974:  The Conversation, Zandy’s Bride, Young Frankenstein

1975:  Night Moves, Bite the Bullet, French Connection II, Lucky Lady

1977:  The Domino Killings, A Bridge Too Far, March Or Die

1978:  Superman

1980:  Superman II

1981:  All Night Long, Reds

1983:  Eureka, Under Fire, Two of a Kind, Uncommon Valor

1984:  Misunderstood

1985: Twice In A Lifetime, Target

1986:  Power, Hoosiers

1987:  Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, No Way Out

1988:  Bat *21, Another Woman, Split Decisions, Full Moon In Blue Water, Mississippi Burning (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1989:  The Package

1990:  Loose Cannons, Postcards From The Edge, Narrow Margin

1991:  Class Action, Company Business

1992:  Unforgiven  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1993:  The Firm, Geronimo: An American Legend

1994:  Wyatt Earp

1995:  The Quick and the Dead, Crimson Tide, Get Shorty

1996:  The Birdcage, Extreme Measures, The Chamber

1997:  Absolute Power

1998:  Twilight, Antz, Enemy Of the State

2000:  Under Suspicion, The Replacements

2001:  The Mexican, Heartbreakers, Heist, The Royal Tenenbaums, Behind Enemy Lines

2003:  Runaway Jury

2004:  Welcome To Mooseport