Gale Sondergaard

Born:  February 15, 1899, Litchfield, Minnesota.


1936:  Anthony Adverse  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress)

1937:  Maid of Salem, Seventh Heaven, The Life of Emile Zola

1938:  Lord Jeff, Dramatic School

1939:  Never Say Die, Juarez, The Cat and the Canary, The Llano Kid

1940:  The Blue Bird, The Mark Of Zorro, The Letter

1941:  The Black Cat, Paris Calling

1942:  My Favourite Blonde, Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen, A Night To Remember

1943:  Appointment In Berlin, Isle of Forgotten Sins, The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler, Crazy House, The Spider Woman

1944:  Follow The Boys, The Invisible Man’s Revenge, Christmas Holiday, Gypsy Wildcat, The Climax, Enter Arsene Lupin

1946:  The Spider Woman Strikes Back, Night In Paradise, Anna and the King of Siam  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), The Time Of Their Lives

1947:  Pirates of Monterey, Road To Rio

1949:  East Side West Side

1969:  Slaves

1970:  Savage Intruder

1976:  The Return of a Man Called Horse, Pleasantville

1982:  Echoes


Died:  August 14, 1985, Woodland Hills, California.