Gabriel Byrne

Born:  May 12, 1950, Dublin, Ireland


1978:  On a Paving Stone Mounted

1979:  The Outsider

1981:  Excalibur

1983:  Hanna K., The Keep

1984:  Reflections

1985:  Defense of the Realm

1986:  Gothic

1987:  Lionheart, Julia and Julia, Hello Again, Siesta

1988:  The Courier

1989:  A Soldier’s Tale, Dark Obsession

1990:  Miller’s Crossing, Shipwrecked

1992:  Cool World, Into The West

1993:  Point of No Return, A Dangerous Woman

1994:  Royal Deceit, A Simple Twist of Fate, Trial By Jury, Little Women

1995:  The Usual Suspects, Dead Man, Frankie Starlight

1996:  Mad Dog Time, The Last of the High Kings, Somebody Is Waiting, Dr. Hagard’s Disease

1997:  Smilla’s Sense of Snow, The End of Violence, This Is the Sea

1998:  Polish Wedding, The Man In The Iron Mask, The Brylcreem Broys, Quest For Camelot, Enemy of the State

1999:  Stigmata, End of Days

2000:  Canone Inverso-Making Love, When Brendan Met Trudy

2002:  Virginia’s Run, Emmett’s Mark, Spider, Ghost Ship

2003:  Shade

2004:  Vanity Fair, P.S., The Bridge Of San Luis Rey

2005:  Assault On Precinct 13, Wah-Wah

2006:  Played, Jindabyne

2007:  Emotional Arithmetic

2008:  2:22

2009:  Perrier’s Bounty, Leningrad

2012:  I Anna, Capital

2013:  All Things to All Men, Just A Sigh

2014:  Vampire Academy

2015:  Endless Night, Louder Than Bombs, The 33

2016:  Carrie Pilby, No Pay Nudity

2017:  Mad To Be Normal, Lies We Tell

2018:  Hereditary, In The Cloud, An L.A. Minute

2020:  Lost Girls, Death of a Ladies’ Man


Golden Globe Award:  Best Actor-TV Drama, In Treatment (2008)


Photo by Mandy_M