Flora Robson

Born:  March 28, 1902, South Shields, England.


1931:  A Gentleman Of Paris, Dance Pretty Lady

1933:  One Precious Year

1934:  The Rise of Catherine the Great, The Private Life of Don Juan

1937:  Fire Over England, Troopship, I Claudius

1939:  Wuthering Heights, Poison Pen, We Are Not Alone, Invisible Stripes

1940:  The Sea Hawk

1941:  Bahama Passage

1944:  Two Thousand Women

1945:  Great Day, Saratoga Trunk  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Caesar and Cleopatra

1946:  The Years Between

1947:  Black Narcissus, Frieda, Holiday Camp

1948:  Good-Time Girl, Saraband

1952:  The Frightened Bride

1953:  Malta Story

1954:  Romeo and Juliet

1957:  High Tide At Noon, No Time For Tears

1958:  The Gypsy and the Gentleman, Innocent Sinners

1963:  55 Days At Peking, Murder At The Gallop

1964:  Guns At Batasi

1965:  Young Cassidy, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines or How I Flew From London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes

1966:  7 Women, Eye of the Devil

1967:  The Shuttered Room, Cry In the Wind

1970:  Fragment of Fear

1971:  The Beloved, La Grande Scrofa Nera, The Beast In The Cellar

1972:  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

1979:  Dominique

1981:  Clash of the Titans


Died:  July 7, 1984, Brighton, England.