Faye Dunaway

Born:  January 14, 1941, Bascom, Florida.


1967:  Hurry Sundown, The Happening, Bonnie And Clyde  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1968:  The Thomas Crown Affair, A Place For Lovers

1969:  The Extraordinary Seaman, The Arrangement

1970:  Little Big Man, Puzzle of a Downfall Child

1971:  The Deadly Trap, ‘Doc’

1973:  Oklahoma Crude, The Three Musketeers

1974:  Chinatown  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), The Four Musketeers: Milady’s Revenge, The Towering Inferno

1975:  Three Days of the Condor

1976:  Network  (Oscar Winner: Best Actress), Voyage of the Damned

1978:  Eyes of Laura Mars

1979:  The Champ

1980:  The First Deadly Sin

1981:  Mommie Dearest

1983:   The Wicked Lady

1984:  Ordeal By Innocence, Supergirl

1987:  Barfly

1988:  The Gamble, Midnight Crossing, Burning Secret

1989:  Up To Date, Wait Until Spring Bandini

1990:  The Handmaid’s Tale, The Two Jakes

1991:  Scorchers

1992:  Double Edge

1993:  Arizona Dream, The Temp

1994:  Don Juan DeMarco

1995:  Drunks

1996:  Dunston Checks In, Albino Alligator, The Twilight of the Golds, The Chamber

1997:  In Praise of Older Women

1999:  Love Lies Bleeding, The Thomas Crown Affair, Joan of Arc

2000:  The Yards, Stanley’s Gig

2002:  Changing Hearts, The Rules of Attraction, The Calling, Mid-Century

2003:  Blind Horizon

2004:  Last Goodbye, El Padrino, Jennifer’s Shadow

2005:  Ghosts Never Sleep

2006:  Love Hollywood Style, Rain, Cut Off

2007:  Cougar Club, Say It In Russian, The Gene Generation

2008:  La Rabbia, Flick

2009:  The Magic Stone, The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi, The Bait, 21 and a Wake-Up

2017:  The Bye Bye Man, The Case For Christ, Inconceivable