Eric Roberts

Born:  April 18, 1956, Biloxi, Mississippi.


1978:  King of the Gypsies

1981:  Raggedy Man

1983:  Star 80

1984:  The Pope of Greenwich Village

1985:  The Coca-Cola Kid, Runaway Train (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1986:  Nobody’s Fool

1989:  Options, Rude Awakening, Blood Red, Best of the Best

1990:  The Ambulance

1991:  Lonely Hearts, By The Sword

1992:  Final Analysis

1993:  Best of the Best II, Love Cheat and Steal

1994:  Babyfever, Freefall, The Hard Truth, Sensation, The Specialist, Love Is A Gun

1995:  The Nature of the Beast, The Immortals

1996:  The Grave, It’s My Party, Power 98, Heaven’s Prisoners, The Cable Guy, The Glass Cage, American Strays, Past Perfect

1997:  The Shadow Men, Most Wanted, T.N.T.

1998: La Cucaracha, Dead End

1999:  Two Shades of Blue, Restraining Order, Wildflowers, Facade, Hitman’s Run

2000:  Dirk and Betty, Tripfall, No Alibi, Luck of the Draw, The Alternate, Cecil B. DeMented, The King’s Guard, Sanctimony, Mercy Streets

2001:  Mindstorm, Fast Sofa, The Beatnicks

2002:  Fool Proof, Wrong Number, Spun, Endangered Species, Wolves of Wall Street

2003:  Intoxicating, National Security, The Long Ride Home

2004:  Killer Weekend, Six: The Mark Unleashed, The Last Shot

2005:  Confessions of an Action Star, Break a Leg, Graves End, The Civilization of Maxwell Bright, Chains, Geppetto’s Secret

2006:  A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, 8 of Diamonds, Phat Girlz, Hollywood Dreams, Comedy Hell, DOA: Dead or Alive, One Way, Aurora

2007:  Sister’s Keeper, Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter

2008:  Witless Protection, Contamination, The Dark Knight, Light Years Away

2009:  The Steam Experiment, Rock Slyde, Shannon’s Rainbow, Royal Kill, The Whole Truth, Crimes of the Past, Project Solitude, The Butcher, The Tomb, Pinkville

2010:  Kingshighway, Westbrick Murders, Enemies Among Us, Groupie, The Expendables, Reality Star, Hard To Kill, First Dog, Bed & Breakfast: Love Is A Happy Accident

2011:  Jesse, The Wayshower, Chillerama

2012:  Mission: The Prophet, Silver Case, Deadline, Snow White: A Deadly Summer, Bloodwork, The Night Never Sleeps, Beyond The Trophy, Stealing Las Vegas, The Mark, The Child, Worth: The Testimony of Johnny St. James, Christmas In Compton, This Shining Night, Mirror Image, 23 Minutes to Sunrise

2013:  Jet Set, Wrong Cops, Lovelace, Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft, The Devil’s Dozen, A Talking Cat, Betrayal, This is Our Time, Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End, The Mark: Redemption, Sink Hole, Paranormal Movie, The House Across The Street, Pop Star, White T, The Cloth, The Hot Flashes, Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire, The Perfect Summer, A New York Heatbeat, Assault on Wall Street, Run, Abstraction, Self Storage, So This Is Christmas, Assumed Killer, Before I Sleep, In The Name of God, All American Christmas Carol, Day of the Gun, Spanners

2014:  Good Mourning Lucille, Chicks Dig Gay Guys, SEAL Patrol, Eternity: The Movie, Road To The Open, A Cry From Within, Deadly Famous, Camp Dread, Rumors of Wars, Doc Holliday’s Revenge, Scavenger Killers, Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper, Sector 4: Extraction, It’s Not A Date, 2 Bedroom 1 Bath, Let The Lion Roar, Starcrossed, Inherent Vice, Janie Charismanic, The Opposite Sex, Mile Marker Seven, West End, Rogue Strike, Halloween Hell

2015:  Story of Eva, The Wrath, Dead Ringer, American Sharia, Las Vegas Story, Skin Traffik, A Fatal Obsession, Ktown Cowboys, Dark Moon Rising, No Solicitors, Fractured, No Deposit, Silver Case: Director’s Cut, Cowboys vs Dinosaurs, The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence), Charlie Trevor and a Girl Savannah, Rock Story, Sicilian Vampire, Zombie Dream, Maul Dogs, Golden Shoes, The Wicked Within, Love Me True, Relentless Justice, The Fix, Lazarus, Rising, L.A. Slasher

2016:  Through A Class Darkly, The Code Of Cain, Paradise Club, JOB’s Daughter, Five Grand, Euro Kings, EuroClub, Project 12: The Bunker, Prayer Never Fails, Compadres, Beyond The Game, The Rally-LA, A Remarkable Life, Joker’s Wild, Evil Exhumed, 1959, ’79 Parts, Hunting Season, The Sector, Six Gun Savior, Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel, The Red Maple Leaf, Snare, Moments of Clarity, Enemy Within, Gender Bender, Leaves of the Tree, Sorority Slaughterhouse, Santa’s Boot Camp, Uploaded, A Trip To Jamaica, Star Trek: Captain Pike, Neron

2017:  The Best Thanksgiving Ever, Intent, The Matadors, The Summoning, Eyes of the Roshi, Days of Power, Deadly Sanctuary, Almost Amazing, The Institute, Actors Anonymous, But Deliver Us From Evil, Child of Satan, Lore, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Empire of the Heart, After School Special, Unbridled, Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie, Lux In Tenebris, Executor, The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve, Maximum Impact, Jake’s Road, Spreading Darkness