Elliott Gould

Born:  August 29, 1938, Brooklyn, New York.


1964:  Quick Let’s Get Married

1968:  The Night They Raided Minksy’s

1969:  Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1970:  MASH, Getting Straight, Move, I Love My Wife

1971:  Little Murders, The Touch

1973:  The Long Goodbye

1974:  Bustin, Who?, S*P*Y*S, California Split

1975:  Nashville, Whiffs

1976:  Mean Johnny Barrows, I Will I Will For Now, Harry and Walter Go To New York

1977:  A Bridge Too Far, Capricorn One

1978:  Matilda, The Silent Partner

1979:  Escape To Athena, The Lady Vanishes, The Muppet Movie

1980:  The Last Flight Of Noah’s Ark, Falling In Love Again

1981:  The Devil and Max Devlin, Dirty Tricks

1983:  Tramps

1984:  Over The Brooklyn Bridge, The Naked Face, The Muppets Take Manhattan

1986:  Inside Out

1987:  Der Joker, I Miei Primi 40 Anni

1988:  The Telephone, Dangerous Love

1989:  The Big Picture, Night Visitor, The Lemon Sisters, Massacre Play

1990:  Tolgo Il Disturbo, Secret Scandal, Dead Men Don’t Die

1991:  Bugsy

1992:  The Player, Beyond Justice, Judgement, Wet and Wild Summer!

1993:  Amore!, Hoffman’s Hunger

1994:  Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, The Glass Shield, Bleeding Hearts

1995:  A Boy Called Hate, Kicking and Screaming, Cover Me, The Dangerous

1996:  Johns, City of Industry, Camp Stories

1998:  Michael Kael contre la World News Company, The Big Hit, Caminho dos Sonhos, American History X

2000:  Playing Mona Lisa, Picking Up The Pieces, Boys Life 3

2001:  Ocean’s Eleven, The Experience Box

2002:  Puckoon, The Cat Returns

2004:  Ocean’s Twelve

2006:  Open Window

2007:  Ocean’s Thirteen, Saving Sarah Cain, The Ten Commandments

2008:  The Deal, The Caller

2009:  Little Hercules in 3-D

2010:  A Very Mary Christmas, Morning, Removal

2011:  The Encore of Tony Duran, Contagion, Dorfman In Love, Art & Sex

2012:  Noah, Switchmas, Fred Won’t Move Out, Ruby Sparks, Divorce Invitation

2013:  Live At The Foxes Dn

2014:  Yellowbird

2016:  The History of Love

2017:  Humor Me

2018:  Ocean’s 8