Ellen Corby

Born:  June 3, 1911, Racine, Wisconsin.


1933:  Storm At Daybreak, Rafter Romance, Sons of the Desert

1934:  Twisted Rails, Babes In Toyland

1935:  Speed Limited

1936:  The Broken Coin

1945:  Cornered

1946:  The Scarlet Horseman, The Spiral Staircase, From This Day Forward, The Truth About Murder, Bedlam, The Dark Corner, In Old Sacramento, Cuban Pete, Lover Come Back, Till The End of Time, Crack-Up, Sister Kenny, The Locket, It’s A Wonderful Life

1947:  The Unfaithful, Beat The Band, Born To Kill, The Long Night, Living In A Big Way, They Won’t Believe Me, Cry Wolf, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival, The Fabulous Joe, Driftwood, Railroaded!, Forever Amber

1948:  The Judge Steps Out, I Remember Mama  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), The Noose Hangs High, Fighting Father Dunne, Strike It Rich, The Dark Past

1949:  A Woman’s Secret, Rusty Saves A Life, Little Women, Mighty Joe Young, Madame Bovary

1950:  Captain China, Caged, The Gunfighter, Peggy, Edge of Doom, Harriet Craig

1951:  The Mating Season, Goodbye My Fancy, On Moonlight Bay, Angels In The Outfield, Here Comes The Groom, The Barefoot Mailman, The Sea Hornet

1952:  The Big Trees, Fearless Fagan, Monsoon

1953:  Woman They Almost Lynched, Shane, The Vanquished, A Lion Is In The Streets

1954:  Untamed Heiress, The Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters, About Mrs. Leslie, Susan Slept Here, Sabrina

1955:  Illegal

1956:  Slightly Scarlet, Stagecoach To Fury, The Go-Getter

1957:  All Mine To Give, The Seventh Sin, God Is My Partner, Night Passage, Rockabilly Baby

1958:  Vertigo, As Young As We Are, Macabre

1960:  Visit To A Small Planet

1961:  Pocketful of Miracles

1962:  Saintly Sinners

1963:  The Caretakers, 4 For Texas

1964:  The Strangler

1965:  The Family Jewels

1966:  The Ghost and Mrs. Chicken, The Night of the Grizzly, The Glass Bottom Boat

1967:  The Gnome-Mobile

1968:  The Legend of Lylah Clare, A Fine Pair

1969:  Angel In My Pocket

1971:  Support Your Local Gunfighter

1972:  Napoleon and Samantha


Died:  April 14, 1999, Woodland Hills, California.