Elizabeth McGovern

Born:  July 18, 1961, Evanston, Illinois.


1980:  Ordinary People

1981:  Ragtime  (Oscar Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress)

1983:  Lovesick

1984:  Racing With The Moon, Once Upon A Time In America

1986:  Native Son

1987:  The Bedroom Window

1988:  She’s Having A Baby

1989:  Johnny Handsome

1990:  The Handmaid’s Tale, A Shock To The system, Tune In Tomorrow…

1993:  King of the Hill, Me and Veronica

1994:  The Favour

1995:  Wings of Courage

1997:  The Wings Of The Dove

1998:  The Misdaventures of Margaret, If Only…

2000:  Manila, The House of Mirth

2001:  Buffalo Soldiers

2006:  The Truth

2008:  Inconceivable

2010:  Kick-Ass, Clash of the Titans

2011:  Abandoned

2012:  Cheerful Weather For The Wedding

2015:  Unexpected, Woman In Gold, Swung

2016:  Showing Roots

2017:  The Wife

2018:  The Commuter, The Chaperone

2019:  A Name Without A Place, Downton Abbey