Elisha Cook Jr.

Born:  December 26, 1903, San Francisco, California

Died:  May 18, 1995, Big Pine, California


1930:  Her Unborn Child

1931:  Honor Among Lovers

1936:  Two In A Crowd, Pigskin Parade

1937:  Breezing Home, Love Is News, The Devil Is Driving, They Won’t Forget, Wife Doctor and Nurse, Danger Love At World, Life Begins In College, Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry

1938:  Three Blind Mice, My Lucky Star, Submarine Patrol, Newsboys’ Home

1939:  Grand Jury Secrets

1940:  He Married His Wife, Stranger On The Third Floor, Public Deb No. 1, Tin Pan Alley

1941:  Love Crazy, Sergeant York, Man At Large, The Maltese Falcon, I Wake Up Screaming, Hellzapoppin’, Ball Of Fire

1942:  A Gentleman At Heart, Sleepytime Gal, A-Haunting We Will Go, Wildcat, Manila Calling

1943:  Kill or Be Killed

1944:  Phantom Lady, Up In Arms, Dark Mountain, Dark Waters

1945:  Dillinger, Why Girls Leave Home

1946:  Cinderella Jones, Blonde Alibi, The Falcon’s Alibi, Joe Palooka Champ, Two Smart People, The Big Sleep

1947:  Fall Guy, Born To Kill, The Long Night, The Gangster

1949:  Flaxy Martin, The Great Gatsby

1951:  Behave Yourself!

1952:  Don’t Bother to Knock

1953:  Shane, I The Jury, Thunder Over the Plains

1954:  The Outlaw’s Daughter, Drum Beat

1955:  Timberjack, Trial, The Indian Fighter

1956:  The Killing, Accused Of Murder

1957:  Voodoo Island, The Lonely Man, Chicago Confidential, Plunder Road, Baby Face Nelson

1959:  House on Haunted Hill, Day of the Outlaw

1960:  Platinum High School, College Confidential

1961:  One-Eyed Jacks

1963:  Papa’s Delicate Condition, Black Zoo, The Haunted Palace, Johnny Cool

1964:  The Glass Cage, Blood On The Arrow

1967:  Welcome To Hard Times

1968:  Rosemary’s Baby

1969:  The Great Bank Robbery, Cry For Poor Wally

1970:  El Condor

1972:  The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Blacula

1973:  Messiah Of Evil, Electra Glide In Blue, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Emperor of the North Pole, The Outfit

1975:  Winterhawk, The Black Bird

1976:  St. Ives

1979:  The Champ, 1941

1980:  Tom Horn, Carny

1981:  Harry’s War

1982:  Movie Madness, Hammett

1984:  Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse