Edna May Oliver

Born:  November 9, 1883, Malden, Massachusetts.


1923:  Wife In Name Only, Three O’Clock In The Morning

1924:  Restless Wives, Icebound, Manhattan

1925:  The Lady Who Lied, The Lucky Devil, Lovers In Quarantine

1926:  The American Venus, Let’s Get Married

1929:  The Saturday Night Kid

1930:  Half Shot At Sunrise

1931:  Cimarron, Laugh and Get Rich, Cracked Nuts, Newly Rich, Fanny Foley Herself

1932:  Ladies of the Jury, Hold ‘Em Jail, The Conquerors, The Penguin Pool Murder

1933:  The Great Jasper, it’s Great To Be Alive, Ann Vickers, Meet The Baron, Only Yesterday, Little Women, Alice In Wonderland

1934:  The Poor Rich, The Last Gentleman, Murder On The Blackboard, We’re Rich Again

1935:  David Copperfield, Murder On A Honeymoon, No More Ladies, A Tale of Two Cities

1936:  Romeo and Juliet

1937:  Parnell, My Dear Miss Aldrich, Rosalie

1938:  Paradise For Three, Little Miss Broadway

1939:  The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Second Fiddle, Nurse Edith Cavell, Drums Along The Mohawk  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1940:  Pride and Prejudice

1941:  Lydia


Died:  November 9, 1942, Los Angeles, California.