Edmund Gwenn

Born:  September 26, 1877, Wandsworth, England.


1920:  Unmarried

1921:  The Skin Game

1931:  The Skin Game, Hindle Wakes

1932:  Frail Women, Money For Nothing, Condemned To Death, Love On Wheels, Be Mine Tonight

1933:  The Good Companions, For Love or Money, I Was A Spy, Smithy, Channel Crossing, Marooned, Friday The Thirteenth, Early To Bed

1934:  Strauss’ Great Waltz, Warn London, Passing Shadows, Java Head, The Admiral’s Secret, Father and Son, Spring In The Air

1935:  The Bishop Misbehaves, Sylvia Scarlett

1936:  The Walking Dead, Laburnum Grove, Anthony Adverse, All American Chump, Mad Holiday

1937:  Parnell

1938:  South Riding, A Yank At Oxford, Penny Paradise

1939: Cheer Boys Cheer

1940:  The Earl of Chicago, Mad Men of Europe, The Doctor Takes a Wife, Pride and Prejudice, Foreign Correspondent

1941:  Cheers for Miss Bishop, The Devil and Miss Jones, Scotland Yard, One Night In Lisbon, Charley’s Aunt

1942:  A Yank At Eton

1943:  Forever and a Day, The Meanest Man in the World, Lassie Comes Home

1944:  Between Two Worlds, The Keys of the Kingdom

1945:  Dangerous Partners, Bewitched, She Went To The Races

1946:  Of Human Bondage, Undercurrent

1947:  Miracle on 34th Street  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor), Thunder In The Valley, Life With Father, Green Dolphin Street

1948:  Apartment With Peggy, Hills of Home

1949:  Challenge to Lassie

1950:  A Woman of Distinction, Louisa, Pretty Baby, Mister 880  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), For Heaven’s Sake

1951:  Peking Express

1952:  Sally and Saint Anne, Les Miserables, Bonzo Goes To College, Something For The Birds

1953:  Mister Scoutmaster, The Bigamist

1954:  The Student Prince, Them!

1955:  The Trouble With Harry, It’s A Dog’s Life

1956:  The Rocket From Calabuch


Died:  September 6, 1959, Woodland Hills, California.