Eddie Albert

Born:  April 22, 1906, Rock Island, Illinois.


1938:  Brother Rat

1939:  On Your Toes, Four Wives

1940:  Baby Be Good, An Angel From Texas, My Love Came Back, This Man Reuter

1941:  Four Mothers, The Great Mr. Nobody, The Wagons Roll At Night, Thieves Fall Out, Out of the Fog

1942:  Treat ‘Em Rough, Eagle Squadron

1943:  Lady Bodyguard, Ladies’ Day, Bombardier

1946:  Strange Voyage, Corporal Dolan AWOL

1947:  The Perfect Marriage, Smash-Up The Story of a Woman, Hit Parade of 1947, Time Out of Mind, Unconquered

1948:  The Dude Goes West, You Gotta Stay Happy, Every Girl Should Be Married

1950:  Affairs of Sally

1951:  You’re In The Navy Now, Meet Me After The Show

1952:  Actor’s and Sin, Carrie

1953:  Roman Holiday  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1955:  The Girl Rush, Oklahoma!, I’ll Cry Tomorrow

1956:  Attack, The Teahouse of the August Moon

1957:  The Sun Also Rises, The Joker Is Wild

1958:  Orders to Kill, The Gun Runners, The Roots of Heaven

1959:  Beloved Infidel

1961:  Madison Avenue, The Young Doctors, The Two Little Bears

1962:  The Longest DayWho’s Got The Action?

1963:  The Flight of the White Stallions, Captain Newman MD

1965:  The Party’s Over

1966:  7 Women

1972:  The Heartbreak Kid  (Oscar Nomination:  Best Supporting Actor)

1974:  McQ, The Take, The Mean Machine

1975:  Escape to Witch Mountain, The Devil’s Rain, Whiffs, Hustle

1976:  Birch Interval, Moving Violation

1979:  The Concorde Airport ’79

1980:  How To Beat The High Co$t of Living, The Border, Foolin’ Around

1981:  Yesterday, Take This Job and Shove It

1982:  Yes Giorgio

1984:  The Act, Dreamscape

1985:  Stitches, Head Office

1987:  Turnaround

1989:  The Big Picture, Brenda Starr

1994:  Death Valley Memories


Died:  May 26, 2005, Pacific Palisades, California.