Dorothy Dandridge

Born:  November 9, 1922, Cleveland, Ohio.


1935:  The Big Broadcast of 1936

1936:  Easy To Take

1937:  A Day At The Races, It Can’t Last Forever

1938:  Going Places

1940:  Irene, Four Shall Die

1941:  Lady From Louisiana, Sun Valley Serenade, Sundown, Bahama Passage

1942:  Ride ‘Em Cowboy, The Night Before The Divorce, Drums of the Congo, Night In New Orleans, Lucy Jordan

1943:  Happy Go Lucky, Hit Parade of 1943

1944:  Since You Went Away, Atlantic City

1946:  Swingtime Jamboree

1951:  Tarzan’s Peril, The Harlem Globetrotters

1953:  Bright Road, Remains To Be Seen

1954:  Carmen Jones  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1957:  Island In The Sun

1958:  Tamango, The Decks Rain Red

1959:  Porgy and Bess

1960:  Malaga

1962:  Marco Polo


Died:  September 8, 1965, West Hollywood, California