Donald Crisp

Born:  July 27, 1882, Bow, England

Died:  May 25, 1974, Van Nuys, California


1914:  The Battle of the Sexes, The Great Leap Until Death Do Us Part, Home Sweet Home, The Escape, The Avenging Conscience Or Thou Shalt Not Kill

1915:  The Birth of a Nation, The Love Route, The Commanding Officer, May Blossom, The Foundling, A Girl of Yesterday

1916:  Ramona, Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout The Ages, Joan the Woman

1919:  Broken Blossoms

1921:  The Bonnie Brier Bush

1925:  Don Q Son of Zorro

1926:  The Black Pirate

1928:  Stand and Deliver, The River Pirate, The Viking

1929:  Trent’s Last Case, The Pagan, The Return of Sherlock Homes

1930:  Scotland Yard

1931:  Svengali, Kick in

1932:  A Passport To Hell, Red Dust

1933:  Broadway Bad

1934:  The Crime Doctor, The Key, The Life of Vergie Winters, British Agent, What Every Woman Knows, The Little Minister

1935:  Vanessa Her Love Story, Laddie, Oil For The Lamps of China, Mutiny on the Bounty

1936:  The White Angel, Mary of Scotland, The Charge of the Light Brigade, A Woman Rebels, Beloved Enemy

1937:  The Great O’Malley, Parnell, The Life of Emile Zola, Confession, That Certain Woman

1938:  Sergeant Murphy, Jezebel, The Beloved Brat, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, Valley of the Giants, The Sisters, Comet Over Broadway, The Dawn Patrol

1939:  The Oklahoma Kid, Wuthering Heights, Juarez, Daughters Courageous, The Old Maid, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

1940:  Dr Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet, Brother Orchid, The Sea Hawk, City For Conquest, Knute Rockne All American

1941:  Shining Victory, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, How Green Was My Valley

1942:  The Gay Sisters

1943:  Forever And A Day, Lassie Come Home

1944:  The Uninvited, The Adventures of Mark Twain, National Velvet

1945:  Son of Lassie, The Valley of Decision

1947:  Ramrod

1948:  Hills of Home, Whispering Smith

1949:  Challenge To Lassie

1950:  Bright Leaf

1951:  Home Town Story

1954:  Prince Valiant

1955:  The Long Gray Line, The Man From Laramie

1957:  Drango

1958:  Saddle The Wind, The Last Hurrah

1960:  A Dog of Flanders, Pollyanna

1961:  Greyfriars Bobby The True Story of a Dog

1963:  Spencer’s Mountain


Academy Award:  Best Supporting Actor, How Green Was My Valley (1941)