Don Murray

Born:  July 31, 1929, Hollywood, California.


1956:  Bus Stop  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1957:  The Bachelor Party, A Hatful Of Rain

1958:  From Hell To Texas

1959:  These Thousand Hills, Shake Hands With The Devil

1960:  One Foot In Hell

1961:  The Hoodlum Priest

1962:  Advise & Consent, Tunnel 28

1964:  One Man’s Way

1965:  Baby The Rain Must Fall

1966:  Kid Rodelo, The Plainsman

1967:  Sweet Love Bitter, The Viking queen

1969:  Childish Things

1971:  Happy Birthday Wanda June

1972:  Call Me By My Rightful Name, Justin Morgan Had A Horse, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

1973:  Cotter

1975:  Deadly Hero

1981:  Endless Love

1983:  I Am The Cheese

1985:  Radioactive Dreams

1986:  Peggy Sue Got Married, Scorpion

1987:  Made In Heaven

1989:  Ghosts Can’t Do It

2000:  Internet Love

2001:  Island Prey, Elvis Is Alive