Don Cheadle

Born:  November 29, 1964, Kansas City, Missouri.


1985:  Moving Violations

1987:  Hamburger Hill

1988:  Colors

1992:  Roadside Prophets

1993:  The Meteor Man

1995:  Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, Devil In A Blue Dress

1997:  Rosewood, Volcano, Boogie Nights

1998:  Bulworth, Out of Sight

2000:  Mission To Mars, Traffic, The Family Man

2001:  Things Behind The Sun, Manic, Swordfish, Rush Hour 2, Ocean’s Eleven

2003:  The United States of Leland

2004:  The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Crash, Hotel Rwanda (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), After The Sunset, Ocean’s Twelve

2006:   The Dog Problem

2007:  Talk To Me, Reign Over Me, Ocean’s Thirteen

2008: Traitor

2009:  Hotel For Dogs, Brooklyn’s Finest

2010:  Iron Man 2

2011:  The Guard

2012:  Flight

2013:  Iron Man 3

2015:  Avengers: Age of Ultron, Miles Ahead

2016:  Captain America: Civil War, Kevin Hart: What Now

2018:  Avengers: Infinity War

2019:  Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame