Dianne Wiest

Born:  March 28, 1948, Kansas City, Missouri


1980:  It’s My Turn

1982:  I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can

1983:  Independence Day

1984:  Footloose, Falling In Love

1985:   The Purple Rose of Cairo

1986:  Hannah And Her Sisters

1987:  Radio Days, The Lost Boys, September

1988:  Bright Lights Big City

1989:  Cookie, Parenthood

1990:  Edward Scissorhands

1991:  Little Man Tate

1994:  Cops and Robbersons, Bullets Over Broadway

1995:  Drunks

1996:  The Birdcage, The Associate

1998:  The Horse Whisperer, Practical Magic

2001:  I Am Sam, Not Afraid Not Afraid

2002:  Merci Dr. Rey!

2005:  Robots

2006:  A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

2007:  Dedication, Dan In Real Life

2008:  Synecdoche New York, Passengers

2009:  Rage

2010:  Rabbit Hole

2011:   The Big Year

2012:  Darling Companion, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

2014:  The Humbling

2015:  Five Nights In Maine, Sisters

2018:  The Mule

2020:  I Care A Lot, Let Them All Talk


Academy Awards:  Best Supporting Actress, Hannah And Her Sisters (1986); Bullets Over Broadway (1996)
Nomination:  Best Supporting Actress, Parenthood (1989)

Golden Globe Award:  Best Supporting Actress, Bullets Over Broadway (1994)
Nominations:  Best Supporting Actress, Hannah And Her Sisters (1986); Parenthood (1989); Best Supporting Actress-TV, In Treatment (2008)

Screen Actors Guild Awards:  Best Supporting Female, Bullets Over Broadway (1994); Outstanding Motion Picture Cast, The Birdcage (1996)
Nominations:  Outstanding Drama Series Cast, Law & Order (2000); Law & Order (2001)