Diane Keaton

Born:  January 5, 1946, Los Angeles, California.


1970:  Lovers and Other Strangers

1972:  The Godfather, Play It Again Sam

1973:  Sleeper

1974:  The Godfather Part II

1975:  Love and Death

1976:  I Will…I Will…For Now, Harry and Walter Go To New York

1977:  Annie Hall  (Oscar Winner: Best Actress), Looking For Mr. Goodbar

1978:  Interiors

1979:  Manhattan

1981:  Reds  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), The Wizard of Malta

1982:  Shoot The Moon

1984:  The Little Drummer Girl, Mrs. Soffel

1986:  Crimes of the Heart

1987:  Radio Days, Baby Boom

1988:  The Good Mother

1989:  The Lemon Sisters

1990:  The Godfather: Part III

1991:  Father of the Bride

1993:  Manhattan Murder Mystery, Look Who’s Talking Now

1995:  Father of the Bride Part II

1996:  The First Wives Club, Marvin’s Room (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1997:  The Only Thrill

1999:  The Other Sister

2000:  Hanging Up

2001:  Town & Country, Plan B

2003:  Something’s Gotta Give (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

2005:  The Family Stone, Terminal Impact

2007:  Because I Said So, Mama’s Boy

2008:  Mad Money, Smother

2010:  Morning Glory

2012:  Darling Companion

2013:  The Big Wedding

2014:  And So It Goes, 5 Flights Up

2015:  Love The Coopers

2016:  Finding Dory

2017:  Hampstead

2018:  Book Club