Dennis Hopper

Born:  May 17, 1936, Dodge City, Kansas.


1955:  Rebel Without A Cause, I Died A Thousand Times

1956:  Giant

1957:  Gunfight At O.K. Corral, The Story of Mankind, Sayonara

1958:  Manhunt

1959:  The Young Land

1960:  Key Witness

1961:  Night Tide

1964:  Tarzan and Jane Regained…Sort of, The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys

1965:  The Sons of Katie Elder

1966:  Queen of Blood

1967:   The Trip, Cool Hand Luke, The Glory Stompers

1968:  Panic In The City, Hang ‘Em High

1969:  Easy Rider  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay), True Grit

1971:  The Last Movie

1972:  Crush Proof

1973:  Kid Blue

1976:  Mad Dog Morgan, Tracks

1977:  The American Friend, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

1978:  Flesh Color, Last In First Out

1979:  Apocalypse Now, Bloodbath

1980:  Out of the Blue

1981:  King Of The Mountain

1982:  Human Highway

1983:  Rumble Fish, The Osterman Weekend, White Star

1984:  Slagskampen

1985:  O.C. and Stiggs, My Science Project

1986:  The American Way, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, River’s Edge, Blue Velvet, Hoosiers  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1987:  Reborn, Black Widow, Straight To Hell, Running Out Of Luck, The Pick-Up Artist

1989:  Blood Red, Chattahoochee

1990:  Flashback, Catchfire

1991:  Paris Trout, The Indian Runner, Eye of the Storm

1992:  Sunset Heat

1993:  Boiling Point, Red Rock West, Super Mario Bros., True Romance

1994:  Chasers, Speed

1995:  Search and Destroy, Waterworld

1996:  Acts of Love, Basquiat, Space Truckers, The Last Days of Frankie the Fly

1997:  The Blackout, Top of the World, Safe House, The Good LIfe

1998:  Meet The Deedles, Welcome To Hollywood

1999:  Edtv, Straight Shooter, Jesus’ Son, The Venice Project, Bad City Blues

2000:  The Spreading Ground, Lured Innocence, The Prophet’s Game, The Apostate, Luck of the Draw, Held For Ransom

2001:  Ticker, Choke, Knockaround Guys, L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve

2002:  Unspeakable, Leo, The Piano Player

2003:  The Night We Called It A Day

2004:  Legacy, Out of Season, The Keeper

2005:  Americano, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Land of the Dead, House of 9

2006:  Hoboken Hollow, 10th & Wolf, Memory

2008:  Hell Ride, Sleepwalking, Elegy, Swing Vote, Palermo Shooting, Big Fat Important Movie

2010:  Alpha and Omega

2016: The Last Film Festival

2018:  The Other Side of the Wind


Died:  May 29, 2010, Venice Beach, California.