Dean Stockwell

Born:  March 5, 1936, North Hollywood, California.


1945:  The Valley of Decision, Anchors Aweigh, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello In Hollywood

1946:  The Green Years, Home Sweet Homicide

1947:  The Mighty McGurk, The Arnelo Affair, The Romance of Rosy Ridge, Song of the Thin Man, Gentleman’s Agreement

1948:  Deep Waters, The Boy With Green Hair

1949:  Down To The Sea In Ships, The Secret Garden

1950:  Stars In My Crown, The Happy Years, Kim

1951:  Cattle Drive

1957:  Gun For A Coward, The Careless Years

1959:  Compulsion

1960:  Sons and Lovers

1962:  Long Day’s Journey Into Night

1965:  Rapture

1968:  Psych-Out

1970:  The Dunwich Horror

1971:  The Last Movie

1972:  Police Trap

1973:  The Werewolf of Washington

1974:  The Pacific Connection, Win Place or Steal

1976:  Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood, Tracks, One Away

1979:  She Came To The Valley

1982: Alsino and the Condor, The Man With The Deadly Lens, Human Highway

1983:  To Kill A Stranger

1984:  Paris Texas, Dune

1985:  The Legend of Billie Jean, To Live And Die In L.A., Once Bitten, Papa Was A Preacher

1986:  Blue Velvet

1987:  Gardens of Stone, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Time Guardian, Banzai Runner

1988:  The Blue Iguana, Married to The Mob  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Tucker: The Man And His Dream, Palais Royale, The Long Haul

1989: Buying Time, Limit Up

1990:  Catchfire

1991:  Sandino

1992:  The Player, Friends and Enemies

1994:  Chasers

1996:  Mr. Wrong, Naked Souls, Last Resort

1997:  Living In Peril, McHale’s Navy, Midnight Blue, Air Force One, The Shadow Men, The Rainmaker

1998:  Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights

1999:  Restraining Order, Water Damage, The Venice Project, Rites of Passage

2001:  Italian Ties, CQ, The Quickie, Buffalo Soldiers

2002:  Inferno

2004:  The Manchurian Candidate

2007:  The Deal

2013:  C.O.G., Max Rose

2014:  Deep In The Darkness, Persecuted

2015:  Entertainment