Dean Jagger

Born:  November 7, 1903, Columbus Grove, Ohio.


1929:  The Woman From Hell, Handcuffed

1930:  Whoopee!

1934:  You Belong To Me, College Rhythm, Behold My Wife!

1935:  Wings In The Dark, Home On The Range, Car 99, People Will Talk, Men Without Names, Wanderer of the Wasteland, It’s a Great Life

1936:  Woman Trap, 13 Hours By Air, Revolt of the Zombies, Pepper, Star For A Night

1937:  Under Cover of Night, Woman In Distress, Dangerous Number, Song of the City, Escape By Night, Exiled To Shanghai

1938:  Having Wonderful Time

1940:  Brigham Young

1941:  Western Union, The Men In Her Life

1942:  Valley of the Sun, The Omaha Trail

1943:  I Escape From The Gestapo, The North Star

1944:  When Strangers Merry, Alaska

1945:  A Yank In London

1946:  Sister Kenny

1947:  Pursued, Driftwood

1949:  ‘C’-Man, Twelve O’Clock High  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1950:  Sierra, Dark City

1951:  Rawhide, Warpath

1952:  My Son John, Denver and Rio Grande, It Grows On Trees

1953:  The Robe

1954:  Executive Suite, Private Hell 36, White Christmas

1955:  Bad Day At Black Rock, The Eternal Sea, It’s A Dog’s Life

1956:  Red Sundown, On The Threshold of Space, X The Unknown, Three Brave Men, The Great Man

1957:  Bernardine, Forty Guns

1958:  The Proud Rebel, King Creole, Smoke Jumpers

1959:  The Nun’s Story

1960:  Cash McCall, Elmer Gantry

1961:  Parrish, The Honeymoon Machine

1962:  Billy Rose’s Jumbo

1967:  First To “Fight

1968:  Firecreek, Day of the Evil Gun

1969:  Smith!

1970:  Tiger By The Tail, The Kremlin Letter

1971:  Vanishing Point

1974:  The Great Lester Boggs, So Sad About Gloria

1977:  Evil Town, End of the World

1978:  Game of Death

1980:  Alligator


Died:  February 5, 1991, Santa Monica, California.