My Old Addiction

Daniel Massey

Born:  October 10, 1933, London, England.


1942:  In Which We Serve

1958:  Girls At Sea

1959:  Operation Bullshine, Upstairs and Downstairs

1960:  The Entertainer

1961:  The Queen’s Guards

1962:  Go To Blazes

1965:  The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders

1967:  The Jokers

1968:  Star!  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1970:  Fragment of Fear

1971:  Mary Queen of Scots

1973:  The Vault of Horror

1976:  The Incredible Sarah

1977:  The Devil’s Advocate

1978:  Warlords of the Deep, The Cat and the Canary

1980:  Bad Timing

1981:  Victory

1989:  Scandal

1993:  In The Name of the Father

2000:  The Miracle Maker


Died:  March 25, 1998, London, England.

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