Cyril Cusack

Born:  November 26, 1910, Dublin, Ireland

Died:  October 7, 1993, London, England


1918:  Knocknagow

1935:  Guests of the Nation

1941:  Mail Train, Once A Crook

1947:  Odd Man Out

1948:  Escape, Sin of Esther Waters

1949:  Hour of Glory, The Blue Lagoon, All Over The Town, The Fighting Pimpernel

1950:  Gone To Earth

1951:  Soldiers Three, The Secret of Convict Lake, The Blue Veil

1953:  Saadia

1954:  The Last Moment, Destination Milan

1955:  Passage Home

1956:  The Man Who Never Was, The Man In The Road, The March Hare, Jacqueline, The Spanish Gardener

1957:  Night Ambush, The Rising of the Moon, Miracle In Soho

1958:  Gideon of Scotland Yard, Floods of Fear

1959:  Shake Hands With The Devil

1960:  The Night Fighters

1961:  Johnny Nobody

1962:  Waltz of the Toreadors, I Thank A Fool

1963:  80,000 Suspects

1965:  The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

1966:  Where The Spies Are, Time Lost and Remembered, Fahrenheit 451

1967:  The Taming of the Shrew

1968:  Oedipus The King, Galileo

1970:  Brotherly Love, King Lear, Tam Lin

1971:  Sacco & Vanzetti, Harold and Maude

1972:  Execution Squad, The Italian Connection, All The Way Boys

1973:  The Day of The Jackal, The Homecoming, La Mano Spietata Della Legge, Horowitz In Dublin, Conflict

1974:  Run Run Joe, Juggernaut, The Abdication, Last Moments

1975:  Children of Rage

1976:  Hot Stuff

1978:  Poitin

1981:  Lovespell, True Confessions

1982:  The Outcasts

1984:  The World of Don Camillo

1984:  1984

1986:  The Ballroom Of Romance

1987:  Little Dorrit

1989:  My Left Foot

1990:  The Fool

1992:  Far And Away, As You Like It