Cornel Wilde

Born:  October 13, 1912, Prievidza, Hungary


1937:  Exclusive

1940:  Lady With Red Hair

1941:  High Sierra, Knockout, Kisses For Breakfast, The Perfect Snob

1942: Manila Calling, Life Begins At Eight-Thirty

1943:  Wintertime

1945:  A Song To Remember (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), A Thousand And One Nights, Leave Her To Heaven

1946:  The Bandit of Sherwood Forest, Centennial Summer

1947:  The Homestretch, Forever Amber, It Had To Be You, Stairway For A Star

1948:  The Walls of Jericho, Road House

1949:  Shockproof

1950:  Four Days Leave, Two Flags West

1952:  The Greatest Show On Earth, At Sword’s Point, California Conquest, Operation Secret

1953:  Treasure of the Golden Condor, Main Street To Broadway, Saadia

1954:  Star Of India, Woman’s World, Passion

1955:  The Big Combo, The Scarlet Coat, Storm Fear

1956:  Hot Blood, Beyond Mombasa

1957:  Omar Khayyam, The Devil’s Hairpin

1958:  Maracaibo

1959:  Edge of Eternity

1961:  Constantine and the Cross

1963:  Sword of Lancelot

1965:  The Naked Prey

1967:  Beach Red

1969:  The Comic

1970:  No Blade Of Grass

1975:  Sharks’ Treasure

1978:  The Norseman

1979:  The Fifth Musketeer

1985:  Flesh and Bullets


Died:  October 16, 1989, Los Angeles, California.