Corinne Griffith

Born:  November 21, 1894, Texarkana, Texas.


1916:  Through The Wall, The Last Man

1917:  The Stolen Treaty, Transgression, The Love Doctor, I Will Repay, Who Goes There

1918:  The Menace, Love Watches, The Clutch of Circumstance, The Girl of Today, Miss Ambition

1919:  The Adventure Shop, The Girl Problem, The Unknown Quality, Thin Ice, A Girl At Bay, The Bramble Bush, The Climbers

1920:  Human Collateral, Deadline At Eleven, The Garter Girl, Babs, The Whisper Market, The Broadway Bubble, The Tower of Jewels

1921:  It Isn’t Being Done This Season, What’s Your Reputation Worth, Moral Fibre, The Single Track

1922:  Received Payment, Island Wives, A Virgin’s Sacrifice, Divorce Coupons

1923:  The Common Law, Six Days, Black Oxen

1924:  Lilies of the Field, Single Wives, Love’s Wilderness

1925:  Declasse, The Marriage Whirl, Classified, Infatuation

1926:  Mademoiselle Modiste, Into Her Kingdom, Syncopating Sue

1927:  The Lady In Ermine, Three Hours

1928:  The Garden of Eden, Outcast

1929:  Saturday’s Children, The Divine Lady (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), Prisoners

1930:  Lilies of the Field, Back Pay

1932:  Lily Christine

1962:  Paradise Alley


Died:  July 13, 1979, Santa Monica, California.