Clifton Webb

Born:  November 19, 1889, Indianapolis, Indiana.


1917:  National Red Cross Pageant

1920:  Polly With A Past

1924:  Let Not Man Put Asunder

1925:  New Toys, The Heart of a Siren

1944:  Laura  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1946:  The Dark Corner, The Razor’s Edge (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1948:  Sitting Pretty  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1949:  Mr. Belevedere Goes To College

1950:  Cheaper By The Dozen, For Heaven’s Sake

1951:  Mr. Belvedere Rings The Bell, Elopement

1952:  Belles On Their Toes, Dreamboat, Stars and Stripes Forever

1953:  Titani, Mister Scoutmaster

1954:  Three Coins In The Fountain, Woman’s World

1956:  The Man Who Never Was

1957:  Boy On A Dolphin

1959:  The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, Holiday for Lovers

1962:  Satan Never Sleeps


Died:  October 13, 1966, Beverly Hills, California.