Clark Gable

Born:  February 1, 1901, Cadiz, Ohio.


1923:  Fighting Blood

1924:  White Man, Forbidden Paradise

1925:  Declasse, The Merry Widow, The Plastic Age, Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ, North Star

1926:  The Johnstown Flood, One Minute To Play

1930:  Du Barry Woman Of Passion

1931:  The Painted Desert, The Easiest Way, Dance Fools Dance, The Finger Points, The Secret 6, Laughing Sinners, A Free Soul, Night Nurse, Sporting Blood, Susan Lenox, Hell Divers, Possessed

1932:  Polly of the Circus, Strange Interlude, Red Dust, No Man Of Her Own

1933:  The White Sister, Hold Your Man, Night Flight, Dancing Lady

1934:  It Happened One Night  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), Men In White, Manhattan Melodrama, Chained, Forsaking All Others

1935:  After Office Hours, China Seas, Call of the Wild, Mutiny On The Bounty  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1936:  Wife Vs. Secretary, San Francisco, Cain and Mabel, Love On The Run

1937:  Parnell, Saratoga

1938:  Test Pilot, Too Hot To Handle

1939:  Idiot’s Delight, Gone With The Wind  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1940:  Strange Cargo, Boom Town, Comrade X

1941:  They Met In Bombay, Honky Tonk

1942:  Somewhere I’ll Find You

1945:  Adventure

1947:  The Hucksters

1948:  Homecoming, Command Decision

1949:  Any Number Can Play

1950:  Key To The City, To Please A Lady

1951:  Across The Wide Missouri, Callaway Went Thataway

1952:  Lone Star

1953:  Never Let Me Go, Mogambo

1954:  Betrayed

1955:  Soldier of Fortune, The Tall Men

1956:  The King and Four Queens

1957:  Band of Angels

1958:  Run Silent Run Deep, Teacher’s Pet

1959:  But Not For Me

1960:  It Started In Naples

1961:  The Misfits


Died:  November 16, 1960, Los Angeles, California.