Christopher Walken

Born:   March 31, 1943, Astoria, New York.


1969:  Me and My Brother

1970:  Cleopatra

1971:  The Anderson Tapes

1976:  Next Stop Greenwich Village

1977:  The Sentinel, Annie Hall, Roseland

1978:  Shoot The Sun Down, The Deer Hunter  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1979:  Last Embrace

1980:  Heaven’s Gate, The Dogs of War

1981:  Pennies From Heaven

1983:  Brainstorm, The Dead Zone

1985:  A View To A Kill

1986:  At Close Range

1987:  Witness In The War Zone

1988:  The Milagro Beanfield War, Biloxi Blues, Puss In Boots, Homeboy

1989:  Communion

1990:  King of New York, The Comfort of Strangers

1991:  McBain

1992:  Mistress, Batman Returns, Le Grand Pardon II

1993:  True Romance, Wayne’s World 2

1994:  A Business Affair, Pulp Fiction

1995:  The Addiction, The Prophecy, Wild Side, Search and Destroy, Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, Nick of Time

1996:  Celluloid, Basquiat, The Funeral, Last Man Standing

1997:  Touch, Excess Baggage, Suicide Kings, Mousehunt

1998:  Illuminata, New Rose Hotel, The Eternal, Antz

1999:  Blast From The Past, Sleepy Hollow, Kiss Toledo Goodbye

2000:  The Opportunists

2001:  Scotland Pa., Joe Dirt, America’s Sweethearts, The Affair of the Necklace

2002:  Poolhall Junkies, The Country Bears, Plotz With A View, Catch Me If You Can  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

2003:  Kangaroo Jack, Gigli, Welcome to The Jungle

2004:  Man on Fire, Envy, The Stepford Wives, Around The Bend

2005:  Wedding Crashers, Romance & Cigarettes, Domino

2006:  Click, Fade To Black, Man of the Year

2007:  Hairspray, Balls of Fury

2008:  $5 a Day

2009:  The Heist

2011:  Kill The Irishman, Dark Horse

2012:  Life’s A Beach, Stand Up Guys, Seven Psychopaths, A Late Quartet

2013:  Bound, Gods Behaving Badly

2014:  Jersey Boys

2015:  One More Time, The Family Fang

2016:  Eddie the Eagle, The Jungle Book, Nine Lives